Kako, languid from sleeping pills she takes, is lost in a world of her own in a jazz shop in Tokyo, 1964 (Michael Rougier, via Collective History)
Punks in squatted flat, East-Berlin 1982 (Ilse Ruppert)
Aaron Wojack via tinyvices
Love motel in Kabukicho (via bruisedbukowski)
via badobsessionn
source unknown
Water out of a vodka bottle, Summer 2012 (Ayesha Tan Jones)
“Emotion” (1966) - Nobuhiko Obayashi (via kittenmeats)
Blogging For Jesus
Pavel Flegontov
source unknown
source unknown
Ana Cuba
▲ Vanessa
Chloe Lee Carson
Daniel Sarabia Tiznado
Oliver Bryce Yates
Smoke bubble (Paul Israel)
Mary Virginia Carmack
Zoe Byun

Moths & Butterflies

I wanna be a moth and fly away.

by Laurence Philomene
by hens teeth
by hens teeth
by hens teeth
by WonderfullyStrange
by macropoulos
Snowberry clearwing  (Hemaris diffinis) by JacobEnos

Sphinx moths by Graham Wyatt
Gypsy moth in Japan by Dr. RawheaD

by nadine olivia
Ruby tiger moth via donjuantriumphant
Little Emerald (Jodis lactearia) via ukmoths
Jersey Tiger (Euplagia quadripunctaria) by Bennyboymothman
Burnt Orange/Brown Moth (Anisota virginiensis) via bugguide
Lily moth (Polytela gloriosae) via Project Noah

artist: Albert Joseph Pénot

Départ pour le Sabbat, c.1910 (source)

Bat-woman, c.1890 (source)
Femme Nue (source)

Automne (source)

Reflet rouge (source)
Libelle (source)
The contrast between the shadowed curves of the bodies and the misty vagueness of the backgrounds in Pénot's paintings creates such a lovely, ethereal, magical atmosphere.
And the wispy hair curling endlessly away from the faces.
The shadows and the light and the grain.
Bodies in alien skies.
Smoke curled around sleeping lives.
I usually lounge on clouds too.