Miyuki Takara - Lucky Star (a very pink girl)

[This post contains a major spoiler for Danganronpa!]

I recently watched Lucky Star for the first time and was struck by the incredible pinkness of one of its main characters, Miyuki Takara (below). Her pink, pink hair matches a pink uniform, and this combined with her glasses seem to make visual comment upon her position as a moe character. Her whole personality seems defined by her childlike innocence, clumsiness, sweetness, etc. Perfectly represented by pink - a colour of delicateness, blushing embarrassment, and girlishness. This seems like a negative and stereotypical space for a female character to occupy, but I can't help but like her for all her niceness, and for all her striking pink (and probably mostly because she has glasses exactly like mine).

She's an example of pink as weakness, of femininity as weakness, and as much as I like her character personally, it's this idea of what pink symbolises that I'd like to subvert. Of course, it could also be pointed out that she displays likeable pink/feminine characteristics, but there's no denying that she's a stereotypical caricature of what is expected from women and girls. Perhaps a good character to compare her to is Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa, a very soft spoken, sweet, feminine girl, who it later transpires is actually a boy who pretends to be female so that he is accepted for these personality traits.


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