Hey there!

This is a closing post to give anyone visiting this blog a bit of info and context. I graduated in summer 2015 from Wimbledon College of Art's Fine Art: Print and Time Based Media degree course, and this was a (somewhat loose) online component of my research journal. I'm leaving this blog up as an archive just so that maybe it can help someone else on a similar course or thinking about doing one, and also so I can look back on the things I was thinking about and exploring here.

Please do have a look at my research journal navigation page and e-portfolio to get an overview of the projects I did and the general structure of the course (especially in third year).

I found a lot of the structure and guidelines of the course quite confusing, so I really hope someone finds this blog helpful in that respect. If in doubt just note down and annotate everything and try everything you can, because your tutors will be looking for ambition and variety.

Here are some of my favourite posts from this blog: moths in colour, a savaloy-based poem, art as therapy.

Please also check out my constant and looming internet presence here and here, and have a nice day!

All the best,