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I wanna look at teen diaries and teen blogs and see how they're different and how people my age feel looking back on growing up on Myspace and Habbo Hotel and things like that and how it feels when people say really serious things to you on Facebook chat and how that's different to when they write you a note.
I want to look at the anonymity offered by the internet and the structured profiles and the blog themes and how they intersect with people's physical personal spaces, whether that be their diaries or doodles or their bedrooms. I'm interested in time/era variations here as well as age variations. Childhood diaries and notes and drawings intersected with the same things from the same people, but as adults.

Maybe I'll think about music online, how bands present themselves. Myspace comes up here again. The possible reduction of album artwork when there is no physical album.

I want to see people's handwriting and the way they type and maybe how this changes, like how they write when they're drunk. Idiolect. Phonetics. IPA.

Eleanor Payne (

Life on a Slice, Beverly Reiser (

(source unknown)
"i dont know anyone that uses their real name or their real photo as their facebook name and photo" - (
(source unknown)

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