pink hearts 4 (taking up space)

At this point the series has become all about the sheer scale of the work in combination. The endless potential combinations and representations of this one simple idea/figure cover a wall and loom over the room - almost weaponising childhood. Childhood (and stereotyped girlhood) imagery with the direction, force, and clarity of the adult mind, becoming something bigger than a child would usually be able to make. I now have the freedom to take up more space, and to direct that space.
The walls are thick with my presence, which offer to my child-self, or to my adult self now which is the sum of all my experiences as child, adolescent, and adult. I am not ashamed of being everything that pink represents, comfort and weakness and blood and female (though I want to make it clear I don't think pink should represent female). I am not ashamed of being the child I was at every age. I am not ashamed of ugliness, because what's called ugly is really what makes the world beautiful. I am not ashamed of mistakes. I have things I have always wanted and needed, and mistakes were like rocks in the river on the way here.

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pink hearts

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