Heathers is a film which uses some fairly obvious and simple symbolism with colours and clothing.
From TVTropes:
Color-Coded Characters: Most of the primary characters wear their own color of clothing which represents their dominant emotions, though this isn't noticeable at first. Heather Chandler is red for lust and power in school, Heather McNamara is yellow for her cowardliness, Heather Duke is green for her jealousy towards Heather Chandler's power and later wears red when she gains power, Veronica is blue representing her misery in high school, and J.D. is black showing him as a deathbringer and the antagonist. Chandler's red hair bow becomes a symbol of power, as after her death Duke claims it for herself, symbolizing her replacement of the original Heather. Veronica forcefully taking it from Duke at the end of the film shows the end of the Heathers' power. 
Good Colors, Evil Colors: The three main Heathers only wear their own colors and the protagonist, Veronica, wears black and blue to show her outsider status inside their clique. Heather Chandler wears red, showing her leadership status. Her red hair bow shifting to Heather Duke shows the latter's replacement of the former. And Veronica snatching it back from her is used to symbolize the end of the Heathers. The homocidal J.D. is clad entirely in black, showing him as the villain.
Hair Decorations: A red hair accessory passes from owner to owner, symbolizing transfer of power among the girls.
I want to experiment with a similar use of colour as symbolic in my work. And I totally want to wear a red ribbon in my hair.

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