frameworks: the internet as exhibition space, personal suitcase, etc (online collage?)

notes: experimenting with purely online art - fully mobile art in that it can be accessed anywhere - it doesn't have to be viewed in one specific place, transported. i have the freedom to have my art travel


So my feedback from previous assessment focussed on ill-fitting presentation/exhibition of work - not giving a great idea to those not predisposed to my work, working themes, etc. I have discussed video/sound framework possibilities with tutors, but I don't feel video and sound alone is quite the right format for pieces. I was thinking about this and I realised there are elements of my non-digital work which are lacking in my digital work, but when displaying analogue creations in analogue space, there is also something lacking - there's a disconnect, because I haven't been acknowledging the importance of the internet in my work, the current running through all my work - that most of the time, I am making work to display online, on my blog or portfolio or wherever. That has been a consistent component of my art-making. I think this is the key to finding the perfect method of display.

So after coming to this conclusion, I thought about what I actually wanted to make, specifically, online, and how I might be able to exhibit. When I am making work traditionally, I collage and paint and scribble in books. It's very tactile and messy and mixed media. Digital formats such as blogs make this difficult as they are formed as neat, rectangular things. I could make collages in an image programme, I thought, but it lacks that tactile, jumbled together feeling that traditional collage and painting has. I don't want images as much as I want pages. Pages which can incorporate different components whilst having them be visibly separate at the same time.

I realised I'd actually stumbled upon some sites which pretty much facilitate exactly the kind of online collaging I'm looking for: and

So here I am gleefully experimenting with digital collaging and this kind of perfect full-page display!