artist: Hatti Rex (anonymity)

Who's anonymouses??????????????????????
Hatti Rex has pasted some anonymous internet comments onto old photographs. It is quite fun to imagine a lot of people from 1942 slagging each other off on the internet, giggling mischievously to themselves whilst listening to The Andrews Sisters and wearing clothes in the style of 1942.
Looking at these pictures with the captions added makes me wonder if these people were actually very rude. It's hard to tell by looking at someone but I bet they all were really nasty and made rude jokes about people's cooking when they had tried very hard and it was actually okay cooking anyway, not like on Come Dine With Me.
I think it's quite good to combine old and new things like this because it's easy to forget that people in the past were just like us except without the music of Usher and jumpers with Bart Simpson on them.

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artist: Frederic Leighton

The Fisherman and the Syren
Flaming June
The Painter's Honeymoon
milky baby bodies bathing in light, sun on cheeks, elbows and muscles and cloth
touch my soft face, gimme a blanket, dunk me in waves of crystal swirling foam ahhhhhhh

Frederic Leighton did some really nice sunny paintings of sleepy, twisting humans. I find it hard to describe them because they make me feel all wonderful and fairy-like and cute and human. They make me think about being real and filled with blood and always moving and touching and feeling. I love bodies and I want to be a body and I am a body.

A text I sent recently said "It’s nice when light shines through people’s ears. I wish I was light shining through people’s ears." and that is exactly how I feel looking at these paintings. The light and the cloth and the water and the skin. All things given to me at once like a gift basket of beautiful existence.

Moths in Colour - Leif Lyneborg

Disguises and colours and fashion and being an insect flying far away and being beautiful (transformation from larva) wow cute tiny moths moth fashion!!!!!!!!

I love moths because they are symmetrical and they are like flowers and they look like they are wearing capes. They look like insect royalty. I bet they have tiny moth Fabergé eggs. I want to be a moth a little bit. I really admire them. I like when they come into my room. They have eaten some of my mum's clothes, and she kills them by clapping her hands together to catch them, but I love them.

I like all their funny names too.
Alder Kitten. Scarce Footman. Spanish Moon Moth. December Moth. Drinker Moth (me). Purple Cloud. Red Sword Grass. Spotted Sulphur. Straw Dot. The Snout. Chimney Sweeper. The Tissue. Slender Treble-Bar. Garden Carpet. Rusty Wave. The Spinach. Latticed Heath.

Moth personalities.