Being cute on the internet

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I took screenshots of people's Tumblr blogs because I like to look at all the different layouts you can do. I used to take screenshots of my Myspace profile every time I changed it, but I deleted all of them, which is a shame because it would have been a nice historical artefact showing how I had Venus In Furs by The Velvet Underground as the song on my page and a picture of me doing a cool pose on a wooden horse in a playground and a comment from Greg Proops telling me how he did his hair. I remember trying to get on Myspace trains by adding as many scene queens as possible. I remember looking at graphics pages and contest pages for really lengthy amounts of time.

Internet personas are more directly customizable than IRL personality in that you can pick and choose the things people see and you can create an immediate vibe with your layout and icon and fonts and things. Tumblr famous people usually post a lot of pictures of themselves and are very fashionable, but mostly, they have made themselves into brands. They have a strong vibe that appeals to people.

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