unit 2??????? (notes)

I wanted to use books as a medium and/or presentation method for this project as a sort of parallel to websites. A collection of links vs a collection of pages.

Artists who use books include ????

Artists who use the internet include David Horvitz, Ian Aleksander Adams,

David Horvitz' work tends to be centered around an intuitive social idea. He asks an audience cultivated through the internet to participate in his works. He relies on this audience. His work in this way is comparable to flash mobbing. I like the idea of being dependant on a group of people, a community. It is an odd type of collaborative art in which the artist plays the part of director.

There are several potential continuations of this work that I find exciting:
1. using archive content as well as screenshots

1. books - some more textural, playing with type of content (anselm kiefer texture), securing a diary like feel and what that means when trying to create symbiosis between analogue/digital, introduction of digital elements and how they effect personalisation/type of personalisation, e.g. how webcam photos of myself and people I am close to can give a closer/different insight, also the fact that you can't screenshot a face to face conversation - however of course a text conversation lacks some elements of communication e.g. voice, tone, expression, etc, using websites e.g. futureme.org, video art, pixel art

do something very amazing which requires no explanation
boyfriend squeaks
lots of hair lots of colour

could u stop
could u run away
i just wanna write nonsense please

(also: http://listography.com/action/archive?cat=school)

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