Video collage, musical persona, and being the sum of your experiences

I always find collage quite cathartic, as it is a hurried slamming down of stuff that I have been in contact with. It's a quick, momentous collection of myself at a particular time. It's more odd and textural than a photograph, but it does the same thing in terms of capturing a moment. It's sort of like instead of capturing what I am or what I see at one time, it's capturing more of an abstract mood. It's more complex and chosen. It's a strange expression of my inner self. Things I don't even understand.
Everyone wishes to know who they really are, and ultimately that's impossible. We can never understand ourselves fully, but we still try. Collage combines an endless desire within me to know myself, with a delicious output / collection created hurriedly and alive.
Video collage carries all of these traits too, but possibly seems more involved with the addition of movement and sound. Following is a video of visuals for my band. The music is our own, but is a cover version (of Roxette).

They include snippets from films, adverts and video games I've been inspired by or interested in, or that made me laugh. There's a lot of Japanese content here too, which represents my exposure to and interest in Japanese media, I guess. This wasn't a conscious decision really. That's what I like about collages. For me, they are very spontaneous. At the same time they are expressive. I need to record and represent tiny moments. It's the most important thing in the world right now.

As these are visuals for a music video, the concept of the band persona, or my persona within that (?) are also relevant. We are partially constructing something here. It's a little more blurred than my purely personal collage.

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