Chris Harnan & strawberries

Chris Harnan was my classmate at Wimbledon during my foundation and the first day we met we had a great conversation about what The Beatles would be like if they were dogs. Whenever I look at his art it makes me really happy and pleased in the sweet, natural, soft way which happens sometimes when you have found something that just totally inspires you and makes you want to go out and talk to butterflies and leave pressed flowers in library books and that sort of thing. There is a childlike freedom to his work that to me emits a great creative energy. It's just so sweet and free and lovely. It makes me think of strawberries and sunlight and dropping stuff into a river. The carefree spirit and the life that all this stuff has is super special to me.

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Here is a strawberry screenshot which shows you the beautiful bright baby red loveliness of strawberries:

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