Collages by Amelia Durie

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I saw Amelia Durie's work at the Wimbledon College of Art 2014 degree show and liked her delicate use of light as well as her obvious interest in working in books, which I can enthusiastically relate to. The ghostly, transparent look she creates with some of her layers is so ethereal and lovely. It gives a lot of depth to the pieces as it contrasts with the opaque cut outs, sort of supporting them and enhancing them. Her compositions are quite simple and confident - they look well calculated and definitively finished. Much cleaner than pieces I usually make at the moment incorporating collage, but Durie's smart collages actually remind me a little of collages I made during my fine art a level, which were much more carefully composed as I was learning how to construct effective compositions at the time. Now I tend to enjoy busier compositions, but after experimenting with a more sparse style in my The Bone zine, I was struck by the sort of neat look and felt like it made the content important and possibly easier to take in and respond to.

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