action plan & what I have learnt recently

I realise that I've been sorely lacking in thinking about what my work is and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do the library exhibition because it's shown me just how rewarding experimentation and contextualising my work is. I've been doing flat, small paintings lately (see images below) and nothing new has been happening. I haven't been progressing and considering exciting new modes and plans and it's really disappointing to face that considering how much the DAS essay and the exhibition have offered in terms of understanding and elaborating on my own work.

I recognise this, however, and am going to make a big effort in setting up a routine for myself to actively experiment, reflect, and contextualise my work and it's formal elements.

The flat paintings I've been making on a5 lined paper (such as those above) have allowed me to test colours, and have been an important part of my pre-library work as colour was an important component of the pieces exhibited.

I have tested and found beautiful colour and texture combinations (above) and have made many paintings and drawings of my typical character (below), slowly perfecting and adapting my ideal cartoon form.

I must concentrate now on drawing from artists, shows, documentaries, and endless things around me to refine my message and form, as well as further exploring the possibilities for exhibiting my physical work and which form it should assume for the right impact and audience involvement.

My favourite art pieces are often posted here, so you can look back through a time frame on those pages and get a good idea of the forms I am using and playing with across weeks and months.

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