I am in the process of making a small art book, which I'll call a prototype as I am making it relatively quickly in order to test the book form as an exhibiting method for my assessment next week. The book is a6 in size and made from folded and stapled a5 notebook pages. On constructing this book I feel the form is a really successful way to contain and display the "world" of my paintings. It allows me to be less insular by way of inviting people inside the book, so they are taking part instead of merely being spectators of a series of paintings. I hope that by presenting work as a book it will allow my work to become part of other people's inner worlds.

The hurried fashion I am making this in is actually useful to me as it allows (or forces?) me to act in a very reckless manner with my depictions, brush strokes, colour choices, pen marks, etc, which creates an impatient and flawed aesthetic which I find appropriate. We are all dying.

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