Interim Show Initial Thoughts

Today was the stage meeting for the start of this term and we get to really start thinking about our interim shows now, how they're going to be set up, and how we're going to work together. We have organised into three groups based on a common theme running through our work: Technological Utopia, Diaristic Narratives, and Social Responses. These are really useful because we can really situate our work in relation to each other inside these groups. I am part of the Diaristic Narratives group and am really happy with the make up of the group because it's full of people I feel really comfortable working with, people who I know I can ask for help and stuff like that.

Today post stage meeting we all made a floor plan for our show and where each of us will be situated in our week. We also decided to make a Facebook group for our group and talked through a few ideas about lighting, space, and potential poster and drinks options.

Lighting: we were thinking about using spotlights. These are quite dynamic and can have quite a smart look. Holly and Briony want specific lighting conditions, as I believe they are working partially with light and don't want it to be drowned by outside light, nor drowned by darkness.

Space: I'm pretty flexible with space and just need about a square metre of wall space for my work, with no particular requirements concerning what sort of space I need. Louise needs a dark space, and the way the three groups are arranged means that in each group there are only one or two people needing to use a dark space, so this is easily transferred to the next group instead of having to be rationed out/compromised/overcrowded.

Posters, drinks, etc: We were discussing coming up with a name for the show and someone came up with "bed", prompting Holly to draw a cute little symbol of a bed. I think this is a really nice idea in itself, and fitting for the work of some of us, but we'll see how things progress. We want to make posters and are going to share pictures on Facebook until we agree upon a good image to use. As far as drinks go, we would like to have some as they're a staple of openings. We quite fancied having a mystery punch, as this was something that went over really well in last term's Elbow Room.

We have two weeks to hone these ideas, and then we have to set it all up!

My plan for what I'm showing is a wall collage, assembled very messily with sticky tape from a folder of collected drawings, paintings, and other collected images. This will be a test of this mode and I'm hoping to (if it works well) show an extended version of the same principle in the final degree show.

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