Hell My Friend: Newhive Pages & Action Plan

I made a new Newhive page (click here, but be warned - it autoplays me singing Britney Spears). So I've played with Newhive a bit before, but I think I have an idea which brings back the 'new entry every day' concept I used as part of my 360 book. I liked that concept a lot and the way it recorded time in a consistent way, and I figure if I make a new Newhive page every day it will:

1. allow me to continue with that sort of incremental record of the passing of time
2. build up until a sizeable collection of pages by the time we get to the degree show

It also I think intuitively feels more loose and personal and candid than the 360 book because I can combine my drawings, pictures, and all sorts of visual things, but also I can have music and movement, which obviously was not possible in a book. This is a big advantage to creating some sort of digital landscape. There is a much bigger scope for what I can do and what kind of atmosphere I can create. I also really like the idea of simply recording myself gently singing well known songs and autoplaying a song on each page. The lone vocal with reverb makes for a really soothing and intimate atmosphere.

I'm not sure how I would show my Newhive pages given that it needs to be clearly interactive, so that's something I'll have to figure out.

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