(Almost) Daily Newhive Pages Update

So I'm creating collages roughly each day on Newhive at the moment, including a one take vocal cover of a song autoplaying on each page. I think these are pretty effective as snippets, and I'm treating them more directly like diary entries by collaging photos I've taken that day with pictures I've seen that day, some inspiration from that day, as well as in my most recent page some text examining something of my thought processes, again on that day. So it's very much another diary-like project. I think the text really gives this entry more depth, so I will be continuing to use text like this. The key strength of this project, I think, will be the cumulative aspect of the collection of entries. They are reasonably small collages, like snippets of life (I like this and really particularly wan to keep this aspect, so I hope it will be appealing to an audience in this form), but altogether should build up an impressive database and unusual digital diary. Approx. 3 months worth of pages should look pretty decent by the time the degree shoe rolls around.

I do need to think about how I might display it, given that it involves a lot of sound and needs to be interactive so people can click through the chain of pages. The obvious choice would be to display it on a computer, but I'm not keen on leaving my only laptop in the exhibition since I need to use it for work and projects and things, so I'm not what options will be available.

Further progress & experimentation with this project - I could try to implement more video and personal drawings, overlay more images, use more moving images/glitter images, make my pages denser, etc. There's lots to play around with, so I definitely need to explore that as much as I can.

The screenshots in this post include 4 entries. You can see them all on my main Newhive page here, and watch out when you click through to the actual project pages because they have autoplaying songs.

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