artist: Frederic Leighton

The Fisherman and the Syren
Flaming June
The Painter's Honeymoon
milky baby bodies bathing in light, sun on cheeks, elbows and muscles and cloth
touch my soft face, gimme a blanket, dunk me in waves of crystal swirling foam ahhhhhhh

Frederic Leighton did some really nice sunny paintings of sleepy, twisting humans. I find it hard to describe them because they make me feel all wonderful and fairy-like and cute and human. They make me think about being real and filled with blood and always moving and touching and feeling. I love bodies and I want to be a body and I am a body.

A text I sent recently said "It’s nice when light shines through people’s ears. I wish I was light shining through people’s ears." and that is exactly how I feel looking at these paintings. The light and the cloth and the water and the skin. All things given to me at once like a gift basket of beautiful existence.

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