Moths in Colour - Leif Lyneborg

Disguises and colours and fashion and being an insect flying far away and being beautiful (transformation from larva) wow cute tiny moths moth fashion!!!!!!!!

I love moths because they are symmetrical and they are like flowers and they look like they are wearing capes. They look like insect royalty. I bet they have tiny moth FabergĂ© eggs. I want to be a moth a little bit. I really admire them. I like when they come into my room. They have eaten some of my mum's clothes, and she kills them by clapping her hands together to catch them, but I love them.

I like all their funny names too.
Alder Kitten. Scarce Footman. Spanish Moon Moth. December Moth. Drinker Moth (me). Purple Cloud. Red Sword Grass. Spotted Sulphur. Straw Dot. The Snout. Chimney Sweeper. The Tissue. Slender Treble-Bar. Garden Carpet. Rusty Wave. The Spinach. Latticed Heath.

Moth personalities.

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