monday 6 january zine

So I made this zine with the idea that it explores one day in thoughts and visuals, all of which I made it that day - showing the potential and significance of every single day, and as a kind of reaction to people feeling like they have to be productive or otherwise meet certain standards every day in order to feel satisfied with themselves.

This is something a lot of people definitely struggle with and I've seen particularly a lot of young people, some just leaving school or uni, who don't know how to cope without that achievement-based reward system. I think it's especially important in difficult economic times to reassure people that their worth and happiness should NOT be defined in relation to those things, to achievement or productivity or jobs.

This zine was also something of a stream of consciousness. I took the pictures without thinking about them, I wrote the words without thinking about them, and I placed everything together without much thought other than basic ideas (like having stuff facing all different directions to represent spontaneity as well as messiness (of life) and physically moving things (because you would have to turn the physical zine to easily read things).

I also really like the suddenness of making it, and the aspect of documentation with the date. I'd like to do a series of these with different dates. It would make a great time capsule for myself. Really happy with this.

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