water damage

Another aspect of devolving into pure shapes and texture is presented here - I decided to revisit an old idea which I briefly experimented with during stage 1: water damaged print outs. So here I'm taking well established, complex pictures and physically breaking them down. The first time I did this it was a symbol of the fragility of life itself, a sort of sentimental fear manifested in the water, but this time I felt more celebratory. I cut the pages into separate images after a series of progressing alterations, and instead of just being images, they became trinkets - like some old picture you find in a dead woman's bedroom, crumpled and ruined after years lost behind a piece of furniture. Something that could've been in a locket or photo frame once, or just something carried around in a pocket, not treated well but deeply loved regardless. 

To me these pictures have that "beauty of use". 

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