Being Sad (tiny webcam projects to ease your pain)

Sometimes when I'm sad I take a bunch of webcam shots, as if to exorcise my feelings, but also probably to validate them. We're used to hiding our sad feelings as a culture and pretend everything is okay and fine when it isn't. No-one wants to be made uncomfortable by someone having a difficult emotion near them. I don't want to do that. I don't want to, or feel any need to, pretend I don't want sympathy or help or encouragement. Things we are not supposed to ask for, but things that all of us want and need. But here I'm forcing you to see my sadness, and recognise it as an integral and normal part of me. I get sad and I need you to notice. It doesn't make me weak, it makes me real, and beautiful, and me.

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  1. Olá senhorita , entendo como a tristeza pode ser bem difícil de se lhe dar , e que tudo a nossa volta nos deixa entediado e que tudo pode melhorar,que haja mais felicidade ao seu redor , como diz um poema de HOMERO " Carpe Diem quam minimum credula postero " Acredite no dia de hoje e confie o minimo possivel no amanhã , aliás os oculos te deixam linda