Library exhibition prep: looking at the archive

Since I want my exhibition to draw links between my own work and something from WCA's archives, I looked through the archives today (the newspaper clippings below were interesting - the first is not really relevant, but the second interests me as it touches on art as made by people not considering and contextualising everything they make - the unadulterated genuineness of "everyman art") and found this brilliant concertina book made my WImbledon students collaborating with schoolkids from Camden.

I feel as if its location in time is important as the 90s were a time in which very simple and childlike art and fashion were embraced. It is also nicely linked to me by virtue of being made at a time when I was also a young schoolchild (I was 7/8 in 1999), so there is automatically a personal nostalgia for me in it. The children's drawings are perfect example of the ideal messy and colourful and carefree style/method to which I aspire, and which inspires me! I think this is the perfect thing to display aside my work, which similarly will incorporate very bright colours and rough shapes.

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