ART 2014

I think it will be important to try keeping to a more defined structure at this point concerning what I make. I have been concerned with my process and enjoyment and my outcomes have been difficult to interpret. In terms of presentation frameworks I am leaning towards display being fully located online. Newhive allows me to easily make decorated webpages which assert their place across the screen and allow for easy visual arranging. I want to work concerning levels.

  1. My cartoony paintings and drawings. These are a mass piece sort of ever changing and evolving and a representation of me and my thoughts and feelings. They inform and react to other work in some ways and I want to record them but I want them to take a backseat to separate constructed projects. I'll detail these by linking to dated collections of them and noting changes and reasons for changes.
  2. Sound. I will make series of tracks, I think a mix between atmospheric and fuller songs. These on their own are artworks, and I want to recognise them as stand alone pieces. These will be the first level which properly inform my intended work.
  3. Videos. Once I have my songs, I will make videos for them. I want them to be somewhat ethereal, but, looping back to my paintings as an influence, I want the videos to convey something of my painting process in terms of the softness & sweetness, the unthinkingness & childishness, and the joy and scale of the complexities of my life and personality via my messy acrylic creation transferred onto video.
  4. It's possible that I can then transform something of the video into a physical installation, e.g. taking screenshots and weathering them and sticking them up on a wall in a big mound of crumpled paper and masking tape. I'm not sure if this is a good idea as there is something definitively final about the videos. I could, however, transfer this plan to digital by constructed a messy web page around a video, with lots of digital clutter. This would tie into the work more effectively, I think, and would keep everything online.

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