Library exhibition prep - my work

For my cabinet exhibition in the library I want to show both my own work and something from Wimbledon's archives. I wanted to figure out a piece of work to make that would be more 3d than a simple painting, so I tried making sculptures with foam, just odd shapes. The idea was that each sculpture would represent a future - strange, unwieldy, and unknown. I wanted to try out something I wasn't really used to. I don't like the sculptures I ended up making because they look garish and random with no formalistic sense of underlying structure. It was valuable to attempt though. I also made some small paintings of children because I had the idea of making some very small paintings and putting them in clunky diy cardboard frames, reminiscent of small children's school craft projects. I tried a few different ways/types of painting and ultimately decided my small painting & cardboard frame idea was my favourite. I will make a series of these and use them as my piece in the finalised exhibition.

these are the paintings I decided to frame with chunky decorated cardboard (this is the only process picture I have for them right now!)

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