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I made a survey to ask people about their personal relationship with colours. The answers give me a lot of useful perspectives on different colours and why they might be appealing or become somehow conflated with a person's identity.

What colour do you feel most represents you, and why? You can list multiple colours and be as vague or specific as you like.

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10/6/2013 10:42 AM View respondent's answers
navy blue, dusty blue, light gray
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I personally think that the spectrum around blue and purple reflect me better in relation to my personality and overall behaviour. I think this because I connote these sorts of colours as being more refined and a lot quieter than more obtrusive colours such as red or orange, I feel that this reflects my general personality better due to all the emotional connotations I personally have, although they may be different from other peoples thoughts, i.e. I do not think of blue as a sad colour as such, but perhaps more calm, idk. However, perhaps what I feel as representing me may just represent a delusion of myself or only a facet of myself that I dwell on most, for example it is a possibility that I delude myself into thinking that I'm better in certain ways than I actually am, which I know is true, so a colour like purple which was symbolic of status in times gone by have fed my self-delusions of my own position and character and have thus influenced my own decisions as to what I think represents me.
9/30/2013 7:09 PM View respondent's answers
orange-browns, blue-ended purples, pinked whites. A mixture between how i look and how i feel. I wear a lot of dark and electric blues, but i'm not sure if thats really "me"
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Dark blue; it could be really nice and peaceful but also it could be the sea and you could drown.
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I personally feel deeply connected with lots of dark blues, or deep blues with a little green thrown in, they feel like something i could curl up inside of an nap for a while. My bass guitar is brightdark blue, almost indigo? But then when i think about my boyfriend all of his colors are apple colors, the peel and the fruit and the leaves and the bark, and the smell and the taste have colors in common with him too. And there are soft spring greens that i want to be like, and light blues that i wish i could touch, and purples and browns that run through me that i don't always understand all the way. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for listening.
9/29/2013 6:28 PM View respondent's answers
brown because i like how soft and smooth it feels and i want to feel like that too!
9/28/2013 8:43 PM View respondent's answers
blue because it feels bigger than the other colours it feels vast it feels adventurous but calm at the same time it makes me feel like i can breathe
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Earthy tones like brown and orange because they're warm and encouraging and yes.
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Yellow? I actually don really like the color yellow but I feel it best represents me. That and blue :) (maybe blue would be better)
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peach and vivid sky suits my tan
9/28/2013 8:34 AM View respondent's answers
the deepest darkest blue, like the lines I can find in each of my irises
9/28/2013 3:18 AM View respondent's answers
salt and pepper mixed fabric from 2m away
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black or white idkkkk just like blank colours cause i can get deeper or whatever from there yeah
9/27/2013 11:06 PM View respondent's answers
Seafoam, a minty pale green with touches of blue and grey
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white, i like how it reminds me of blank pages and opportunities
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Deep clear green, and a particular shade of purple that is the colour of a gemstone in the first Spyro the Dragon playstation game. Not sure why, I just feel an affinity with those colours.
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green, because it is like trees and grass and loveliness and I want to be a tree
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Purple, and rainbow. Purple is a bisexual pride colour and is also inbetween pink and blue, colours often used to denote binary genders.
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White, probably. Oddly. I'm not sure about IT representing me inherently, but it's probably a colour I use to represent myself a lot. In games if you can pick colour palettes for characters I usually pick white. I like white to wear, even if I don't wear it much. The why... I find white orderly, clean, pure, healthy in a way. Good. Tranquil. I think it's a colour that I like to associate with myself, the parts I like, and an idealised me. Possibly. I'd have to think more to definitively... define why.
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mauve. leafy green. when i was little everything i had was a bright, light pink and I'll always think it looks like something nostalgic, comforting and familiar, but the dusk of mauve against the green of fresh leaves is something that's inexplicably been wonderful to me throughout my entire 'adulthood' if the past three years can be given that title.
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i have no idea
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black,red,indigo,teal,light purple,dark blue
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Purple, it's Prince's colour, is near royal blue (which I like a lot). I wear it a lot, I think it has a niche that other colours don't have. It also goes with a lot of things. There's no one thing that is purple outright really too (natural recourses etc).
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Most things I own including my sheets are a dark, slightly cool-toned red bordering on maroon. I also identify very strongly with cool-toned grays and pale pinks.
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red - i have a very bad temper, sakura pink - i am a delicate little petal,
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Navy, quite bland but fairly pleasant
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a warm grey
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Red, because it's simultaneously passionate and muted.
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green maybe!!! but also black!! and also maybe uh peach!!!!!
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Black, neon colors and pink. Black because it's comforting to me and it's kind of "hidden." Neon because they're bright, loud and different, which I tend to act once I'm comfortable around people (maybe not so much loud, haha). Then pink because it's a sweet color and usually represents "female/girl" in our society.
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black and mint also baby blue.
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Blue-green. I'm just really mello, earthy, and creative. I'd say that's why.
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Blue, green
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green because it is like grass and the trees and nature i love green
9/27/2013 7:10 PM View respondent's answers
Red, purple, green, blue, white.
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