Lilly's Clubhouse (#1)

As part of my PPD unit I came up with this event idea that involves taking a room and turning it into a sort of kid's clubhouse - a new, constructed childhood. This clubhouse would be filled with cutesy characters in the form of a series of paintings, and hopefully a collection of more tactile, 3D objects (sculptures, dolls, zines?).

I also want every artwork to be pink (with some allowance for red as it can be argued that they are versions of the same colour, and I like the impact of red, and the association with berries and blood) and I want to wear pink at the showing, to further bring this little world into the air and the space around it. 

I have included a few mood boards to show something of the kind of aesthetic I'd like to create, and the power of transformation possible in making everything one colour. The last mood board in particular shows the beautiful hues that red pigment and muted tones can create when combined with pink. I want the quality of colour and colour choice to be a central theme of the clubhouse.


pinking by mothcub featuring JuJu

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clubhouse mood board 1

clubhouse mood board 2

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