The Saatchi Gallery: Paper, New Order: British Art Today, and Contemporary Ukrainian Artists

Elliot and I went over to the Saatchi this week and looked at all the things.

Freya Douglas-Morris - They Visited Twice, 2012
What I liked about the above piece was the watery texture and the subsequent hurried look to it. The idea of making art at speed, or art that is relatively simplistic, is really appealing. These textures could be created quickly but still look really nice.

Christian Holstad - Defending Decisions, 2005
This altered newspaper photo reminded me of some of my previous work, some photos I altered with water. It's a really pleasing thing to do because with one quick movement you can make such a huge change to a picture (or indeed, to other objects), and it can become so dreamy (which I love - a beautiful way of idealising a moment or image).


John Kleckner - Untitled (Herucles), 2006
I like this as a caricature of masculinity, or of representations thereof.

Storm Tharp - Love Nothing More, 2009

Storm Tharp - Love Nothing More, 2009

Storm Tharp - Love Nothing More, 2009
These Tharp paintings remind me of the technique experimentation I did during my fine art a level and I feel a bit nostalgic for using bamboo sticks and pieces of card to paint with! Again, I love the watery look. Very ethereal and uncontrollable and spooky.

Elliot ft. Margot Sanders - In Fine Company, 2012

Storm Tharp - Jodie Jill, 2009
The use of shading here is really striking.

Nicola Frimpong

Nicola Frimpong - Untitled
These Frimpong pieces interest me due to both their highly-politicised content and their childishness. That combination is compelling.

Paul Westcombe - Coffee Cups (my favourite is the little red one one, which is called "In The Morning In The Shower I Saw The Shit Run Down Your Leg")

People taking photos with Rebecca Turner's Dumbstruck, 2011

The secret art me and Ells found (arty ladders)

Art by some schools
Really cute and sweet and innocent.

Me ft. Zhanna Kadyrova - Diamonds, 2011

Elliot responding to art

Zhanna Kadyrova - Diamonds, 2011

Zhanna Kadyrova - Diamonds, 2011
These are really slick, smart sculptures. I like how neat they are as objects.

Elliot still responding to art

Pavlo Kerestey - Kids on Trees, 2009
The colours here are so bright and adventurous and unreal.

Roman Minin - Plan of Escape, 2013

Rafal Zawistowski

Rafal Zawistowski

Rafal Zawistowski
Chunky textures like this always make me feel sort of reckless and real and remind me of blood and food or something.

Wendy Mayer - After Louise,  2011

Wendy Mayer - Fly Away Peter, 2011

Wendy Mayer - Gold Watch, 2012

Amanda Doran - The Semen
Again some great colours. The salmon pink and blue combo is appealing. Seems young in some way.

Gert & Uwe Tobias - Untitled, 2011

Jake and Dinos Chapman - Exquisite Corpse, 2000

Jake and Dinos Chapman - Exquisite Corpse, 2000

Jake and Dinos Chapman - Exquisite Corpse, 2000
I am a big fan of exquisite corpses as a cool and casual mode of collaboration. So clearly defined in sections but so clearly all about that collaboration. These ones by the Chapman brothers are very much exquisite.

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