Venue problems

So today I went to visit a pub I contacted yesterday (Rising Sun, Pimlico) to see if I could use the function room for my proposed exhibition, Lilly's Clubhouse. On viewing the function room, I realised it was pretty much an open part of the pub. This didn't seem very suitable for my intentions, and I noted also that it didn't really have any available wall space. The third problem arose when I was told that booking the function room (advertised online as free) would require a deposit of £150.

Whilst I appreciate that venues need to make a profit, I am not willing to shell out cash in order to complete a mandatory course unit. Growing up under the poverty line puts renting a small non-room for an evening at £150 into a certain perspective. I know how well I could eat and for how long on that sort of money, and it seems a really frivolous waste in light of that. I would really like to make this event, and to have it champion the idea that you can do something for nothing, but it seems unlikely that I'm going to find a free venue. I might have to give up on the clubhouse altogether.

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