Lace in Fashion

I picked up this book because it had a lot of interesting pictures. Much with colour, types of clothing, materials, and designs have many different connotations applied to them. Looking at lace is interesting - its place as delicate, dainty, a mark of femininity or frailty or wealth. It's a great example of the way clothing can dictate your perception.

It's interesting to read (or gather from pictures) ideas of what lace represented at certain times, and the reasons behind certain cuts and styles' popularity across history. Some of the examples of lace below act as representations of love and prettiness, of social status, and very interesting is the caption under the picture of the archers, wearing plainer clothes of the neo-classical style in 1799 to counteract the previously-popular lace, which had seemingly crossed from being a signifier of high social status to being something seen as gaudy.

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