Colour experimentation (pastels)

I did some super hurried colour mixing/palette experiments on books pages with chalk pastels. The last and third pages are my favourites. The last incorporates a wealth of colours and they are all distributed well and make something very bright and potentially uplifting. It's like Jason's technicolour dreamcoat. A great mixture of warm and colder colours.

The third reminds me of Henri Matisse's colour choices - extremely rich and evocative perhaps of some exoticism (bright fruits and bright clothes and naked dancing people who are not soft browns or peaches but a deep, fruity orange). I'm actually not a fan of Mattise as I find many of his depictions of people dull and, well, suffering from exoticism. The colours I can admire, but the depictions themselves seem empty, objectifying, exploitative.

I liked that I could do these experiments really vigorously and quickly. Speedy, almost hedonistic art is quite pleasing. That physical enjoyment lends itself to a real cheering factor which I'd like to follow in a quest of emotion and chemical response. What's the best way to find that good feel?

Also, colour wise, I'd like to compare Matisse-esque colouring to the more subdued colour style of Paul Cezanne.

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