No Honey Bee

I made a simple song and video called "No Honey Bee". I thought it would be a good idea to expand some of my thematic ideas into a less traditional medium than painting/flat, analogue artwork, and to see how I can represent signifiers of childhood/childlikeness and cuteness through sound and video.

I used a background of my trademark cutesy drawings as a minimal set. Childlike things can be busy or simple, but for me it seems natural to use a kind of controlled composition, creating a sort of selected presentation of childhood, perhaps. I also tried to communicate a childish presence with my dress and hair (Peter Pan collar and bunches conjure up a storybook sort of image of a little girl), and distracted, slightly fidgety movements, as well as not paying much attention to the camera.

I reversed the video once complete and found it took on this spooky quality, something a bit like a dreamland or strange fairytale. I think this adds something really nice to the childlike aesthetic, and possibly makes the video more arresting and more atmospheric. More alien. The alien qualities of this child/unchild world is something I'd like to explore further.

Here are some still shots:

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