Pink (and a little red)

Pink is a colour I always hated, until I had been an adult for at least a little bit. Its cultural place as representative of femininity forced me to loathe it with every fibre of me being at every childhood age. I rejected the entire concept of femininity and the things which were associated with it. They made me sick. I adopted masculine representations in rebellion. I liked blue, toy cars, and Action Man. These things should have been neutral, but they weren't. There are things termed feminine which I like. I now like the colour pink, I like long hair, I like flowers, I like dresses. Some of these things are not things I liked as a child, and some of these things will forever carry the disjointed weirdness of always having femininity tacked on, prompting the question of what would I like and have liked, had their been no gender roles attached to anything?

This train of thought makes me think that using pink could be a way for me to generate a sort of new post-childhood childhood for myself, to explore myself now as if I still had the newness, the innocence, the collection of experience of a little kid. I have a philosophy about children becoming adults which is very important to me. I think people may become adults, but they never stop being children, in the sense that the child them remains a part of them. It's as if we can gain layers with age - become a bigger version of ourselves. It's something that comforts me as personal betterment has become a tool which I use to navigate the world and myself. I need to become a better person.

Pink is also associated with freshness, babies, flowers. very cute things. It's an idyllic colour, if you strip away the oppressive gendering. Positivity, sweetness, and love. Those are qualities which should be promoted in any person.

Could pink make you feel happy?


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