Personal style (slightly dishevelled 80s bookworm)

I've been trying to pinpoint what exactly the ideal visual representation of myself via clothing is, and I've collected this selection of images which I feel are representative of what I am and what I am to project through clothes. 

The number one important thing to me is a comfortable casualness. Soft, warm, and comforting clothes. I like clothes which are borrowed from friends - they smell like something familiar and there is a certain kind of magic that comes with them. There's a lovely sentimentality which is impossible to obtain any other way.

The second thing is pretty much some sort of quirk. An interesting pattern or texture that adds a depth to the created aesthetic. I want to feel comfortable, I want freedom to move as I want, I want some sentimentality, and I want some depth in detail. I want to look like someone who is either enjoying a swing in a playground, or someone who is quite flustered whilst buried in a book about insect facts.

Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller in The Edge of Love (2008)

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